Many minds make light work.

Corporate consultancy is an effective way to get unbiased assistance, feedback and new ideas into a business.

With 10 years of experience as a sales account manager for one of the leading prestige car brands in the world, I’m no stranger to the corporate environment.

The need for growth, for new ideas, improved customer experience and employee satisfaction are at the core of my corporate coaching and they come from tried and tested experience, not theory.

Making the fundamental shift from selling to serving has been the cornerstone of my personal success and will help to transform your business.

Unique and highly original ideas such as the freemium model, lagniappe, selfmore, kaizen, hidden choices and the YOU DESERVE IT paradox all form the basis of my corporate coaching modules.

If you need inspiration, new ideas and a framework within which to move forward, then I can be of service.

Contact me to discuss your corporate coaching requirements.