Every Day Should Be Fun

I created my blog in May 2013. It had one mission:

To find and share inspiring content with those who need it. Because every day should be fun.

The blog had been a long time coming; for years I’d thought about creating a platform to find and share inspiration with those who need it.img_4022

In my own life, so called “self help” books, videos and quotes had helped me overcome  some truly terrible circumstances.

The new ideas, the stories of others’ experiences and the underlying message of triumph through adversity was not only addictive, but transformative.

With so many websites, books and resources, I decided that a great resource would be to fund a place to store them, not only for my own reference, but also for other people to share what I had found.

The content has grown steadily over the years and is split primarily into these sections:

I add new things every day and share inspiring quotes every few hours through the Every Day Should Be Fun Instagram account.

Finding and sharing inspiration is my passion and it’s also been my saviour. Becoming a consultant speaker and author is a natural extension of this passion, it allows me to help and inspire others which is the greatest success in life.

There is so much inspiration out there that I can’t possibly find it all (although I’m giving it a good try!) If you’d like to suggest something inspiring to share, then please contact me.

You can visit the blog here.