“It’s decisions, not conditions, which shape our lives.”

This quotation neatly sums up my approach to life and business.

Yes. Terrible things can happen to us all, we can be subjected to “bad luck” or “unfairness”. Likewise we can experience “good luck” and “fairness”.

But what causes someone who wins the lottery to lose all of their money and someone with no limbs to become a successful international speaker?

How can seemingly fortunate or unfortunate events yield very different outcomes?

The answer is decisions.

Decisions which are grounded in reality (or not).

Decisions based on taking responsibility of a situation (or not).

Decisions which have nothing to do with the situation per se and everything to do with the person making them.

“We are responsible for our lives; both the things we cause to happen  and our response the things which happen to us.”

I find that too many people are quick to point the blame elsewhere, too afraid to take ownership of their situation.

The reality is that your life is a result of your decisions.

You deserve everything you have in your life right now. You don’t deserve anything more, because if you did- you’d have it already.

If you don’t like your current situation, only you can change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

No-one is coming to rescue you and nothing will change until you do.

These are the facts, this is reality.

As a coach and based on my personal history I know the power of taking responsibility, taking appropriate action and not looking to blame anyone or anything for the life you lead.

Acknowledge the good things you deserve, seek to learn from the bad things you deserve.

Forget luck.

It’s all on you. The time is now.